May 14, 2008

I am supposed to do some time management training.  I am writing this at work and, apart from the email concerning the training I am supposed to do, my inbox is otherwise empty, which I take as a testament to my time management skills as they stand.  The email directs me to an online course I can do which will train me in time management.  It includes a link which I can follow and instructions on how I will need to register and enter an activation code if I do not have a login already.  If I do have a login already, then I need to sort through my ‘Important Messages’ folder and find the login and password.

I have opened this link three times over the course of this last afternoon and each time I have looked at the little box prompting me to log in and the gargantuan weight of putting work into logging in, in order to entitle me to do more work is so overhwelming that I have closed the box.

I went to school for this.